Welcome to the GULF PUMPS section of the GOHS RESOURCE CENTER.  Here we will show you as many different styles of Gulf Gas Pumps as we can find.  There are additional pumps shown in the "Stations" web pages, but usually not close-ups like on these pages.

If you are visiting for enjoyment, we hope to fulfill your dreams!  If you are here doing research for pump restoration, you will NOT find paint codes, or any other restoration information.  Our members pay good money to add that information to their individual collections, and certainly would not consider publishing it. 

These photo's are from several sources, most are from Gulf Oil Company publications.  Additional photos are from the private collections of a couple GOHS members, Jim Hellmann of Pittsburgh PA, and Bob Beck of Brackenridge PA.  What is NOT shown here, are restored pumps.  Only photographs of actual Gulf equipment, from the days of operation, or, on occasion, some trade show photographs that show pumps.

If you have pump photo's that fit the above description, please
EMAIL the GOHS with a description ONLY.  DO NOT EMAIL PHOTO'S.  We will give you upload instructions for your photos.  Again, we will NOT post photo's of restored pumps.

Gulf had some contracts with pump manufacturers.  They specified "recommended" appliances in their dealer agency contracts.  What that means, is that in the company owned stores, you would find dispensers that were provided under a Gulf contract.  At a dealer agency (majority of stations) you could find ANY pump!  Statements like "Gulf never used that brand of pump", or "Gulf only used such and such a brand" are totally incorrect.  For example, when Gulf bought out many of the Pure Oil stations, and when they bought Wilshire Oil, they did NOT require dealers to change their dispensers, they changed the ID plates, and ad glass if required, and kept on pumping.  Sure, the sales reps tried to get the dealers to buy and operate "company approved" pumps, but many just kept using what they had in place.  In an effort to get the good dealers to go with Gulf, things like dispenser brand compliance was overlooked, as long as the correct period ID plates and paint color were in place.

If the origin and / or date of the photo are factually known, it will be indicated.  If they are blank, they will stay that way.  Opinions of dates and or brands are not needed.

Pump photo's are NOT arranged in any order, so just click and enjoy.  When you get to an empty page, guess what .... you're at the end!    Enjoy!