GULF Orange Disc, Sept./Oct. 1952
The new vessel shown here in the lower reaches of the Sabine Pass, shortly after leaving Gulf's Port Arthur Refinery on August 19, 1952, outbound for Gulfport, Staten Island, NY.  Built for service in delivering refined products to Gulf's deep water terminals, the manifest of her first cargo illustrates how well she was designed for this purpose.  It shows that on this voyage the Gulfservice was transporting 135,459 barrels, 16,805.17 tons, of various products in bulk, and 11,326 drums and cartons, weighing 355.13 tons of various packaged products.
The bulk cargo consisted of: 62,983 barrels of Gulf No-Nox gasoline, 4.007 barrels of Gulf Stoddard Solvent, 2,575 barrels of Gulf Solvent BT, 1,276 barrels of Gulf Naptha E, 1,315 barels of Gulf VM & P Naptha, 7,671 barrels of Gulf Kerosene, 45,979 barrels of Gulf No. 2 Fuel Oil, 1,074 barrels of Gulfpride 10 base stock, 2,627 barrels of 450/3 Paramid Oil, 1,304 barrels of 750/3 Paratex Oil, 1,336 barrels of 1200/3.5 Paratex Oil, 1,661 barrels Gulfpride 50 base stock, and 1,651 barrels of 200/2.5 Paramid Oil.

Construction Timeline: Above, Keel is laid, September 17, 1951.  Upper right, the hull is taking form, November 26, 1951.  Right, by March 27, 1952, some of the superstructure is in place. Below, May 6, 1952, she is ready for the launching.  Below right, sliding down way number 5.