From the Gulf Oilmanac, June, 1966

On the afternoon of June 5th, 1965, the Gulf Hansa was tied up at No. 2 berth at Bandar Mashur, Iran.  The tanker had completed loading operations, and was ready to sail for Rotterdam.  Fully loaded, she awaited the harbor pilot and her sailing documents.
Immediately astern of the Gulf Hansa, the Italian tanker Luisa, 32,400 tons, was tied up at berth No. 1, taking on her cargo.
At 5:53 PM, a fiery explosion ripped through the Italian tanker.  At once, she began to list and amid intense heat and thick billowing smoke, a lake of flaming oil spread out around the dying Luisa.  A stiff wind, and outgoing tide, was moving the burning oil toward the No. 2 berth, and the Gulf Hansa.
Without the aid of tugs, or pilots, the Captain ordered the mooring lines cut, and maneuvered the ship away from the berth, and out of the harbor.  Captain C.D. Mastenbroek was awarded the De Ruyter Medal in Gold, for exceptional courage and excellent seamanship for his actions.  Gulf Hansa was operating under the Dutch flag, and owned by Nedgulf Tankers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Oil.